FAQ for Consignors

Q: I came in for a consignment appointment and dropped off my items for consideration. How do I know when to come back to pick up the items that were not selected for the shop?

A: You may pick up your items one week after your drop off appointment. Any items that are NOT picked up within 10 days of your consignment appointment will be automatically donated, unless prior arrangements have been made. 


Q: I'm a new consignor and haven’t received an email from Consignor Access. What should I do? 

A: Send us an email, or give the shop a call during open hours! We will be happy to look into your account to make sure we have the correct email address, check to see if the email was delivered, and resend if necessary.


Q: I've consigned with you at Vein of Gold before, but I didn't get an email from you when I dropped off my stuff. What's up?

A: If you're an established consignor with Vein of Gold, you will NOT get any emails from us after your drop off appointments. Any new items we take will be reflected in your trusty Consignor Access account. Like always, you can assume that anything not listed on your Consignor Access account is waiting at the shop to be picked up. Remember, we will donate your stuff if not it's picked up within 10 days of your appointment!


Q: Eek! I don’t remember my Consignor ID to access my Consignor Access account! 

A: Send us an email! Give us a call! Get in touch! We will help you. 


Q: My items have been at the shop for a while. Will you email me when it’s time to pick up my items that didn’t sell?

A: No. We will not contact you. Unfortunately, we do not have the bandwidth to contact each consignor about their individual items. Instead, we have provided easy access tools for consignors to keep track of their items and manage what happens to those items when they expire at 60 days. 

The best way to keep track of your items is through your Consignor Access account. Here, you can see each of your consigned item’s expiration date. If you’d like to pick up any items that do not sell after 60 days, we will rely on you to contact us via email or phone at least 3 days BEFORE your item’s expiration date. We will pull your items off the floor and hold them for 7 days past your expiration date. Items not picked up within 7 days of their expiration date will become property of Vein of Gold, or donated. Any items that expire without a request to be picked up, will be donated.


Q: A bunch of my things sold! How do I get paid? 

A: You can come in any time we are open to pick up a check. If we don't have anyone on site to sign your check, we will mail it to you (thank you for your patience)! Consignors receive 40% of the final sale price for each item. But, for more bang for your buck, you can opt to receive consignor credit. With consignor credit, consignors receive 20% more than the cash amount. For example, if the shop owes you $100, you can take that in a check OR you can use $120 as store credit in the shop. Awesome!


Q: Something I bought (online OR in person) doesn't fit quite right. Can I return it?

A: Unfortunately, no. Due to the nature of our consignment structure, we do not offer returns on items unless there is significant, undisclosed damage. We spend a lot of time taking measurements of items we list online, so please take a moment to check them against the measurements of your favorite fitting garments at home. If you have specific questions about an an item, please be in touch!


Q: I purchased something online- when can I pick it up?

A: Once we have your item in hand, you'll get an email from Shopify letting you know your item is ready for pick up. We'll hold you item for 10 days- after that, we'll be in touch to set up shipping. Please remember that we have limited storage space!