Our Team



As Shop Proprietress, Rebekah loves to throw a good party, find treasures at every opportunity, and connect dots. After a long and winding road, she’s lucky to have found a spot of her own to cultivate a community with fun people and beautiful things! When not thinking about traveling or outfits, she can be seen slowly walking her old dog around the neighborhood, watering plants, and learning a new sport with her partner.



Sally has crisscrossed the globe literally thousands of times, as a career flight attendant. We love Sally's no-nonsense, easy breezy energy and enthusiasm for her "fun” job  helping shoppers feel confident and beautiful in their new outfits. Sally loves being in the shop where she makes friends easily with every two and four legged being who walks in the door, offering her sage opinion, broad smile and deep laugh.


A native mid-westerner, decades long Bay Area resident and recent transplant to the Pacific Northwest, Pat is our in house rock star. A lifelong drummer, Pat has spent the last couple of decades on the travel circuit with his band, Rogue Wave, and more recently with The Dandy Warhols. You'll often see Pat waxing poetic about music with other music buffs, or anyone who has an ear. In his spare time, he helps curate our shop's record collection, and executes ambitious home projects with his lovely wife and daughter.


As an "old Detroiter", Regina was a well-known fashion mogul about town who could often be spotted at The Magic Stick, or around the College for Creative Studies where she studied design. In 2016, Regina escaped the smoke filled bars of Detroit to find herself living among the evergreens of SW Portland. Regina gets her love of fashion from her mother's classic old European style and you'll recognize Regina's line of jewelry, Passage, gracing the wrists and necks of Portland's who's who.


Meet Goldy, certified shop cutie. When not modeling looks for us here at the shop, he can be found experimenting with new baking recipes in his kitchen or hanging out with his boyfriend (read: dog), Larry. He loves to share a laugh, if you’ve been here you’ve certainly heard it and it’s almost impossible not to join in. He has impeccable taste in snacks and clothes and as someone famous once said (I’m sure) those skills will get you far in life.


Samantha hails from a teeny tiny town in New Hampshire. After escaping to the West Coast, Sam toured north through California to earn an MFA in San Francisco, before landing further north in Portland just three years ago. A creative woman with a billion irons in the fire, Samantha is a budding entrepreneur with a successful herbal goods company, APT, and a recently launched a freelance design service, Fish Ladder. As our Media Manager, you'll often see her snapping photos and designing goodies for the shop.


"Is that a Chloe Cox?" is a question we hear a lot in the shop. Chloe's reputation for creating joyful, wonderfully bright one-of-a-kind pieces often precedes her, and meeting her in person is icing on the cake. With an artist’s eye and covetable style, Chloe brings fun, and her trademark softness, to Vein of Gold.