"Rah-Rah" Election T

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Limited Edition "Rah-Rah" Election T. We have a handful of these Election T's available, a few of each size in White and Ecru. This is a limited run, so when we're out, we're out!

** PLEASE NOTE. This shirt is available as our CLASSIC T, as well as a short run UNISEX T. The Unisex T does not have raw, rolled hems like our Classic- it is a standard cut T, with a wider collar. All T's are the same weight, 100% organic cotton, USA made.

All profit made from this series of T's will be donated to the Biden/Harris 2020 Election Campaign. These T's are being offered at our Classic T price of $42. If you'd like to contribute more, please ADD the product called "Rah-Rah DIRECT DONATION" to your shopping bag. Donations will be submitted to the Biden/Harris Election Campaign as one lump sum on October 1.