How VOG Consignment Works

Vein of Gold accepts gently-worn to new condition clothing, jewelry, shoes and accessories to consider for consignment. We accept consignment drop-offs by appointment only.

  • If you are a NEW consignor with Vein of Gold, you will be asked to fill out a quick contact form and agree to our Consignor Contract when you arrive. You will leave your drop-off items with us, and we will go through your items within 3 days. Once your items have been seen and selected, you will receive an automatic email from Consignor Access inviting you to create an account with Consignor Access so you can view your selected items and their details.
  • Established consigners will be able to access their account information anytime via their established online account with Consignor Access. New consignment items will show up in your account as soon as they are processed. You will not receive any emails from VOG about your newly processed items.
  • Items that were not selected from your consignment appointment must be picked up within 7 days from when your items become live in your Consignor Access account. You can come by any time during our open hours to pick up your items- you do not need to contact us ahead of time. Items not picked up after 7 days will be donated.
  • Items will remain on the sales floor for up to 60 days. During this 60 day period, items may be discounted at our discretion as needed in order to move the item. Items not sold after 60 days will be automatically donated, unless... 
  • ...If you are attached to an items that isn't selling and would rather pick it up when it expires at 60 days, you must email us before the product expires with the product name so we may put it aside for you. Unclaimed, expired items will automatically become property of Vein of Gold and donated.
  • Consignors will be paid out 40% of each item's final sale. If opting for store credit, consignors will receive 20% more than their cash value. (For example, if your coat sells for $100, you can either receive $40 via check, or $48 in store credit). We are happy to issue checks for sold consignment items in person at the shop. 
  • Please keep in mind that the shop will not contact you with reminders to pick up your items from your drop-off appointments, or when they expire. Your online Consignor Access account is the best way to track your items and expiration dates, and you can always send us an email or give us a call to check in. 

Please Consider These Things:

  • We are happy to look through FRESHLY LAUNDERED, gently worn to new clothing items for all genders. Please be sure that they are free of stains, odors, pet hair, rips, holes, etc. Please limit your items to no more than 20 items. Bring them folded in a bag - we have plenty of hangers here!
  • We love shoes and bags! They must be in great condition and super sparsely used. Soles and heels of shoes must be CLEAN of dirt, healthy and without nicks or scuffs. Bags must be pristinely clean inside and out.

Here's What We are Currently Looking For:

SEASON: Summer/Fall. We are considering late summer/early fall sweaters, light coats and transitional footwear. Dresses and jumpsuits are always welcome, as well as the casual "about town" pieces. We are happy to look at denim year round.

ITEMS: For all genders… clothing, shoes, jewelry, purses/bags, hats, scarves, sunglasses. We are interested in seeing a breadth of sizes for women and men’s clothing and shoes. We are especially happy to look at women's size XL+. 

FABRICS: Natural plant and animal fibers are Queen- cottons, linens, silk, hemp, wool, cashmere, etc. Synthetics are less desirable, unless it’s a streetwear/athleisure situation.

ERA: Current. Classic. Timeless. Fun. 

BRANDS: We love independent designers. We really love slow fashion. We love VINTAGE Gap and Banana Republic from the 80’s when their stuff was high quality. And vintage silk blouses by oldies like I. Magnin. We love crazy architectural pieces. We love oversized streetwear. We love clothing that is well constructed and well tailored. We love textiles from around the world. We love dresses in beautiful fabrics. We love patterns and texture. We love a great denim jacket. In fact, we love most jackets. We love timeless vintage pieces, especially if they are USA made. In essence, we love well-made pieces, regardless of brand or era.

THINGS WE ARE NOT LOOKING FOR: Fast Fashion (Target brands, Old Navy, Gap/Banana/Loft/J. Crew (unless it's vintage), mall brands...)  Workout clothing and kids clothing.