• Atiana Kuriyama

    Atiana Kuriyama
    Atiana first learned about Vein of Gold when her old PSU Graphic Design teacher, Kate Bingaman-Burt, was an artist-in-residence at the shop! So cool! When I first met Atiana, I was immediately drawn to her cool style, and really appreciated her professionalism and thoughtfulness as she became one of our most regular consignors. We always look forward to seeing what goodies she's collected for us!
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  • Stylist Scarlet Chamberlin

    Stylist Scarlet Chamberlin
    "When I was working with women, mostly, but also everyone, I realized that we all have body hang ups, we all have things. And if I can help people feel more empowered and better in their bodies, then I'm doing good work. I started making jewelry for my massage clients and for client's to be talismans for their birth process. And I was like “oh my god, fashion can be more meaningful!”
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  • Artists Iney Godfrey + Sondra Radcliffe

    Artists Iney Godfrey + Sondra Radcliffe
    you can have so many chapters, or not. I would tell my clients, you have so much time. A lot of my clients were in their 30s or 40s and they thought their life was over. You know it’s like, you have so much time, and then we figure it out. And I would ask them, what do you want for your next chapter? People hit a certain age and think, this is it.
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