As a concept, vein of gold, has been a part of my creative consciousness for more than a decade. It represents discovery, wonderment, delight. It is the quickening of breath when we stumble into something unexpectedly delightful, discover beauty amongst the mundane, when a hidden gem is revealed.  

In 2018, I started a small T-shirt business selling a season-less, utilitarian T to friends and friends of friends. This T will be offered as long as I have the means to make it, and is the pillar of Vein of Gold's house line. 

We are delighted to announce that we are opening our first brick and mortar shop in Portland, Oregon, in the Spring of 2021. Vein of Gold will feature predominately consignment clothing for women and men, as well as specially selected items from small independent artists and designers. In time, we hope to become a space for friends to meet, and for strangers to discover something precious to take home with them.

Vein of Gold is committed to community and supports its neighbors. We donate 5% of our annual profit from the sale of the Classic T to a local non-profit each year.