On View October, November, December 2023

We are delighted to feature art by Ambiente Art Glass, and Lithic Ceramics.



For  40 years we,  Jane Godfrey and Sondra Radcliffe, have been co-owners of Ambiente Art Glass which specializes in unique handcrafted stained and kiln formed glass. Four years ago we moved our business from Cleveland, Oh to Portland Or to be closer to family. To this day we find working  with glass challenging and very inspiring. It is an ever-evolving art form that invites new learning on a daily basis.  We love it.

Our stained glass creations, which are collaborative, can be found in residential, commercial and institutional settings, including churches and other sacred spaces, throughout  the country.  We are known for our sensitive use of color and texture, for fluid unusual designs and excellent craftsmanship.  We attempt to capture a feeling, an energy, a flow that embraces a serene and vibrant essence.  Our kiln-formed glass focuses on intimate landscapes that invite you into the depths of nature remembered.  A glimpse of a memory or dream that  takes you into a tranquil  setting.  We also create luminous delicious colored dinnerware, multi-sized vessels  both abstract and realistic along with garden art and furniture.

Read their interview with Vein of Gold, and check out their work online at artglassambiente, or @ambientearts



Lithic Ceramics is me, Sylla McClellan. I've been working with clay since 2015, focusing on making functional pieces on the wheel. A few years ago I spent more time hand-building, really testing the limits of the medium. In March 2023, I participated in an artist’s residency in Silver City, NM. I brought 75lbs of clay, some tools, a set of watercolors and colored pencils and paper. While there, I started making little drawings of the plants and architectural elements I was seeing (so different from the Pacific Northwest).
A few months before, I had finished making wall tiles for my kitchen. It was a project. My studio is small, and so is my kiln. I had to learn how to use the space efficiently to let the tile dry out without warping, to have multiple slabs rolled out at once, etc. I really enjoyed the process of creating these tiles. In New Mexico, I knew I would be hand-building, but I thought I’d be focusing on patterns and texture (an ongoing interest). Instead, I started drawing some of the plants I saw on slabs of clay. This evolved to wall tiles of flora and fauna, but also of the fun and joyful scenes in life.

I split my time between McMinnville, Oregon and Marfa, Texas. This past summer in Marfa I arranged a small studio in our back shed and set up as old kiln on a slab in the yard. I worked early in the morning before it got too hot, continuing to make wall tiles. Again, I found inspiration in the surrounding flora and the high desert sky.

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